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Curated by inspired women creators we are the littlest Gift Shop with the biggest heart.
☪ Metaphysical☪ Nature
☪ Universal Supportive Tools
☪ Incense ☪ Handcrafted Oils, Candles & Soaps
☪ Apothecary; Teas, Salves, Tinctures, Plant Magick
☪ Vintage and Antiques
☪ Rare Finds & More
☪ Jewelry

Find us on FB & IG & TK
☪ Guided Meditation ( book by the half hour) will travel.
☪ Peddlers Bazaar Vendor Events
☪ In-house Herbalist
☪ Full & New Moon Gatherings
☪ Guided Meditation w/ Sound Therapy
☪Tarot ☪ Astrology ☪ Wicca ☪ Law Of Attraction
☪ Inner Child Healing ☪ Herbal You ☪ Reiki

☪ Animal Communication ☪ Readers ☪ Death Doula



Ostara Market & Ritual

March 16th, 2024 2 - 5 PM Shop & Mingle
5:30 Ritual. Doors lock at 5:45 PM

ostara (Instagram Post).png

We're excited to open our doors and showcase our Lotus House Tribe.
We've been gathering incredible women with gifts you'll buy for yourself and your friends. Modalities to open doors to your higher self. Services to help you along this journey.
Handcrafted oils, soaps, decor, simmer pots, incense, and crystals, all to honor Ostara; the balance between the Goddess / God and the Spring Equinox.
Yes, we're here in Hemet and have the best intentions to increase the vibrational harmony and align with the like-minded community.
Join us and meet our creators.
No matter your spiritual path you are welcome to join us.
The vibe is set with positivity, encouragement, and embracing our power to create a safe place to mingle.

MARCH 16TH 2024
2:00 PM Open Market - Meet and greet - Shop exclusive gifts.
5:30 PM Market closes and we begin ritual. No late entry, doors are locked at 5:45.
Please be aware that incense and sage will be burning. Consider this before joining us.
Lotus House Gift Shop
Under the domes @ Center for Spiritual Living, Hemet
40450 Stetson Ave, Hemet, CA 92544

Crystals - Apothecary - Candles - Incense


Visit us inside CSL
Tues - Sat 11 am - 5 pm


Local Artisans


Handcrafted spiritual tools, gifts, and advice/knowledge on how to use them.

Community Events


Pet Blessing - April & October
Pride in Hemet - June
Small Business Saturday - Nov
Night Market Before Christmas - Dec
Spring Fling - March/April


OOAK Gifts Curated by Creative Women


20+ women-curated items for your perusal.

Full Moon Gatherings


No matter your spiritual path you are welcome to join us.
A Full Moon Gathering is a group for positivity, encouragement, and embracing our power to create and co-create changes in ourselves, our family, and our community.
Please leave your ego at the door, enter without judgment, and be ready to embrace ideas, practices, and modalities from all spiritual paths.
Everyone is invited to read a poem, a prayer, stories, sing, play music, or hold a ritual.
Feel free to bring food to share, dress for the occasion, bring your crystals to be cleansed/charged, and items to bless.


Pride In Hemet

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 12-42-46 Center for Spiritual Living Hemet (_cslhemet) • Instagra

The 2nd weekend in June we host Pride in Hemet to honor our LGBTQ+ community members in Hemet and all surrounding cities. 

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